How to use The WorldWide Post?


Here we will explain how to make use of The Worldwide Post more efficiently, so you can have a complete experience on our website.


1) Look for news on any subject in our magnifying glass, located in the upper left sector of the website.

2) To open an article in a new tab click on it.

3) Below the title of the article you can see to which news portal corresponds, and from which country that news portal is.

4) To access to all our array of categories, click on "More", in the upper left, to display the category menu.

5) Login to be able to customize a personalized news dashboard.

6) Once you log in you can do the following:

- Save categories or favorite topics, such as Economy, Finance, Soccer, etc.

- Save the country of origin of the news portal, in this way you will only see news portals that come from a certain country, such as; United States (NY Times, Fox News, Gizmodo, The Washington Post).

- Save favorite news portals, here you can filter the news for your favorite news portals.